Manage your business appointments

Schedule your appointments, send reminders to clients, reduce no-shows, monitor your performance.

Simple, Effective, Valuable

Key Advantages

Schedule appointments

Easy-to-use and straightforward. No time-consuming or confusing setup. Start creating and organising your appointments just by clicking "add booking". So simple.

Send reminders

Send system-automated email and SMS reminders to your clients with zero effort. Perform professionally and reduce no-shows. So simple, so effective.

Monitor Performance

Track your appointments and sales course, check what are your best selling services and aim at your best. So simple, so effective, so valuable.

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Main Features

Schedule and view your appointments per day, week or month. Easily see for each appointment its date-time, the services booked, the staff appointed and the client details.
Confirmation, reminder, reschedule, cancellation notifications will be sent to applicable clients; because being professional also means operating professionally.
Reminders significantly reduce no-shows. A reminder notification will be automatically sent to your clients 24 hours prior to the appointment, without you having to do it. will set it up for you.
Online booking requests
Share your unique booking requests page with your clients and allow them to send you appointment requests.
Mobile friendly is designed to also be available from any mobile device. You can use and all its features from your mobile device, exactly as you would use it through your PC.
Timezone conversion
Your clients will receive email and SMS notifications in the timezone of your business automatically. You don’t have to worry about messaging them at inappropriate hours.
Get daily, weekly and monthly sales reports. Check what are your top-selling services, the proportion of your completed, cancelled and no-show appointments, as well as your daily, weekly and monthly revenue.
Clients management
Save your clients information and view their appointments' statistics. See your clients purchase history and most used services.

Coming soon

Calendars integration
Sync your appointments with the most popular calendar applications (gmail, outlook, iCal etc).
Send your clients thank you notifications along with a satisfaction survey to get feedback.

Manage your appointments with ease and efficiency
Send reminders and reduce no-shows

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$0.00 per month

  • 50 appointments/month
  • Unlimited booking requests
  • Unlimited services
  • Unlimited staff
  • 100 email notifications/month
  • No SMS notifications


$19.00 per month

  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited booking requests
  • Unlimited services
  • Unlimited staff
  • Unlimited email notifications
  • No SMS notifications

Email & SMS

$59.00 per month

  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited booking requests
  • Unlimited services
  • Unlimited staff
  • Unlimited email notifications
  • 500 SMS notifications/month*
* Need more SMS notifications? Contact us for a custom plan.

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