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Easily schedule your appointments and send reminders to clients with our appointment scheduling software.

Simple, Effective, Valuable

Key Benefits

Appointment scheduling

Easy to use appointment scheduling software. Almost no setup required to start adding your appointments. Get organized by having your appointments in one place. Just click "add booking". So simple.

Automatic reminders

For every appointment you schedule, email and SMS reminders are automatically sent to your clients. Automatic reminders help your business reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. So simple, so effective.

Track your performance

Check your scheduled appointments and revenue with simple, yet powerful reports. Find out your most popular services, track your revenue on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. So simple, so effective, so valuable.

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Core functionality

Appointment scheduling
Schedule your appointments in a few simple steps: select your client, the appointment's date/time, the services provided and you're done! View your appointments per month, week or day or even per client.
Email & SMS notifications
After scheduling an appointment, email & SMS notifications (confirmation, reminder) are automatically scheduled and sent to your clients; your business looks professional and your clients are more likely to remember their appointments.
Reminders scheduling
Upon scheduling an appointment, automatic email & SMS reminders will be sent to your clients 24 hours before their appointment. No action required from you. Plannaro does the hard work for you!
Works on all devices
You and your clients can access from any device, whether it be a computer or a mobile phone. Access your dashboard while on the go. You don't need to be at your office to schedule client appointments.
Powerful Reports
Once you start scheduling appointments, a set of reports are automatically created for you. You can see how many appointments you have for any given month, week or day, check out your cancellation and no-show rates and your revenue.
Automatic timezone conversion
All automatic appointment notifications are sent to your clients in the timezone of your business by default. No more errors and no more messaging your clients at inappropriate hours.

Appointment scheduling the easy way
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