Hair salons

Organize your hair salon appointments with! Save time and resources from manually confirming and reminding your clients for their appointments!

How works for hair salons

Let's assume you are the owner of 'My Hair Salon' business. As soon as you get a phone call for a booking with a hairdresser, schedule the appointment with You now know when is your client visiting your hair salon, which services will be offered to her, whom of your hairdressers will serve this client.

From now on, will do the job for you. Upon saving your appointment, a confirmation notification will be sent to the client: "Your appointment at 'My Hair Salon' is confirmed. Thank you!". 24 hours prior to the appointment, a reminder will be sent to your client for her booking with your hair salon: "This is a friendly reminder for your appointment at 'My Hair Salon'. Thank you!"

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