Lawyers & Attorneys

Appointments with potential and existing clients, attending court hearings, studying for cases are only a few of a lawyer’s daily tasks. With such a tight schedule, every second is really precious for a lawyer. Yet, appointments and court no-shows make the job of lawyers and attorneys even more demanding and tough than it already is. is intended to help lawyers and attorneys manage their day-to-day appointments.

With, lawyers and attorneys can

  • Schedule and organize appointments with clients. Efficiency made simple.
  • Instantly confirm an office or court appointment with a client. Effortlessly professional.
  • Automatically send SMS and email reminders to clients about their appointments. Reduce appointments and court no-shows that cost time, money and resources. Make the most out of your limited time.
  • Access appointments from anywhere. Reschedule or cancel an appointment with a client if the court is taking longer than expected. Flexibility on the go.
  • Track the services provided and the revenue generated from those services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Insights at a glance.

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